My experiences traveling

Traveling is really fun because you can experience so many things in so many different places around the world. It really opens your mind to unique and different cultures and how people act. Also, just being free from the country you’ve been seeing for your whole life is really refreshing.


Italy is really pretty. It is really not like all of the movies that are set in Italian places because every corner do not have an Italian flag on a pole. Also, if you go to Rome, most of the streets are not perfectly clean. The language is really pretty and there are so many different Roman structures you can go to almost everywhere in Italy.


Australia is amazing along the coastline cities. Major cities include Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide, and Gold Coast. Gold Coast is right next to the ocean and the beaches are full of seashells. If you go to Sydney, you should go to the opera house and just walk around the city. If you go to Melbourne, you should go to the art museums and just go down the city and look around for modern art.


Greece is a place where the major cities inland are historically beautiful and the coastline cities, along with islands, are tourist attractions. Crete is an island full of villas and hills, and is really pretty at night. Santorini, an island, has whitewashed, cubiform buildings that cling to a cliff that looks out into an underwater crater.


Thailand is a palace where you should go during winter and not summer. During the summer, it is really hot and humid so most people do not go. But during winter, the weather is mostly okay and you can travel around without worrying about the heat.


If you go to the Maldives, you should rent an ocean house which is a house that stands on stilts in the ocean. The water there is so pretty and clear, making snorkelling really easy. If you go further into the ocean and go snorkelling, you get to see sharks, jellyfish, and beautiful corals.